Vocal Technique and Development - Enrolment details

The Vocal Development Class includes vocal warm-ups, breathing and tuning exercises, and group songs.  Some members, if they wish, prepare short songs or bits of repertoire to perform to the class.  There is no pressure to engage in singing solos.

The Vocal Technique Class aims to train voices by improving breath control, vocal quality, tuning, rhythm and range extension through various breathing and vocal warm-ups, group songs and performance techniques.  This class provides the experience of singing a solo in a supportive environment. Various techniques are suggested which leads to improvement of the individual’s performance.

NB: To be able to enrol for Vocal Technique, you must have sung in a class taught by Alice Hyde. Otherwise, you are required to enrol for a minimum of one term in the Vocal Development Class.

Vocal Technique and Development – Summer term 2021

The Vocal Technique and Vocal Development classes will be delivered live online with Zoom for the Spring term 2021 to those who sing in the various Addison Singers choirs and classes, as well as to  those from outside.

Tutor: Alice Hyde

Venue: Live Online via Zoom

You will need:

Internet connection.  A computer with microphone and camera is best (e.g. a PC/laptop/iMac/MacBook), or a tablet/iPad/smart phone/iPhone if you do not have a computer


Vocal Development Class

Duration: 45 minutes, 10 weeks

Day & Time: Tuesdays 6.00 – 6.45pm

Membership subscription (term): £50 

Ability: Mixed

This short Vocal Development class is suitable for people returning to singing, those who sing in a choir or aspire to join a choir and want some vocal practice first, as well as anyone wanting to learn good breathing techniques and warm up routines. This will also be useful e.g. for public speaking, teaching and for confidence building. The choice of group repertoire will be made within the group under the tutor's guidance. Maximum of 12 singers in the class online.

Vocal Technique Class

Duration:  1 hour, 10 weeks

Day and time: Mondays, 7.00 – 8.45 pm (including a break mid-session)

Membership subscription (term): £50 

Ability: Mixed

The repertoire covers classical, jazz and standard popular music by mutual arrangement with the Tutor. The class also offers sight-singing, and group singing.  The majority of the class is spent on singing solos and duets with constructive suggestions from which all the class members can benefit.  There will be a break mid-session. Members also have the opportunity to get help with any piece of music they maybe having difficulty mastering from the Classical or Jazz Choir’s repertoire.  The class also attracts some keen amateurs who want to polish up a specific piece of music to sing in public.

Deadline for enrolment in Vocal Technique: Friday 23 April 2021.

Vocal Development Class

First class: Tuesday 12 January 2021
Time: 6.00pm-6.45pm
Cost: £50.00 
Place: online via Zoom
Half Term: Tuesday 16 Feb 2021 (no class)
Last class: Tuesday 23 March 2021 (10 week course)

Vocal Technique Class

First class: Monday 11 January 2021
Time: 7.00pm-8.45pm
Cost: £50.00
Place: online via Zoom
Half Term: Monday 15 Feb 2021 (no class)
Last class: Monday 22 March 2021 (10 week course)

Vocal Development Class

First class: Tuesday 27 April 2021
Time: Tuesdays 6pm-6.45pm (if online - Subject to Government advice)
Cost: £50.00
Place: online via zoom
Half Term: w/c 31 May (NO REHEARSALS/CLASSES)
Last class:  Tuesday 13 July 2021 (10 weeks - see dates below)

1-Tuesday 27 April
2-Tuesday 4 May
3-Tuesday 10 May
4-Tuesday 17 May
5-Tuesday 24 May
HALF TERM Tuesday 1 June (NO class)
6-Tuesday 8 June
7-Tuesday 15 June
[Tuesday 22 June - NO class]
8-Tuesday 29 June
9-Tuesday 6 July
10-Tuesday 13 July

Vocal Technique Class - (Deadline for enrolment: Friday 23 April 2021)

First class: Monday 26 April 2021
Time: Mondays 7pm-8.45pm (if online - Subject to Government advice)
Cost: £50.00
Place: online via zoom
Half Term: w/c 31 May (NO REHEARSALS/CLASSES)
Last class: Monday 12 July 2021 (10 weeks - see dates below)

1-Monday 26 April
[Monday 3 May (bank holiday Monday - NO class)]
2-Monday 10 May
3-Monday 17 May
4-Monday 24 May
HALF TERM Monday 31 May (NO class)
5-Monday 7 June
6-Monday 14 June
7-Monday 21 June
8-Monday 28 June
9-Monday 5 July
10-Monday 12 July

Vocal Development Class

First class: Tuesday 22 September 2020
Time: 6.00pm-6.45pm
Cost: £50.00
Place: online via Zoom
Half Term: Tuesday 27 October 2020 - NO REHEARSALS/CLASSES
Last class: Tuesday 24 November 2020 (10 week course)

Vocal Technique Class

First class: Monday 21 September 2020
Time: 7pm-8.45pm (including a break mid-session)
Cost: £50.00
Place: online via Zoom
Half Term: Monday 26 October 2020 - NO REHEARSALS/CLASSES
Last class: Monday 23 November (10 week course)

PLEASE NOTE DEADLINE for enrolment: Friday 18 September
See the ENROLMENT tab for details of the enrolment procedure.

Enrolment procedure for VOCAL TECHNIQUE ONLY:

In order to enrol in the Vocal Technique class, you must have sung in Vocal Technique or with Alice Hyde before. Singers who haven't are required to enrol for a minimum of one term in the Vocal Development class.

Due to the challenging circumstances, teaching will be live and online via Zoom for the Autumn term and only one Vocal Technique class of 1 hour 15 minutes duration will be offered (with a break mid-session) and a maximum of 14 places in the class. 

Deadline for enrolment in Vocal Technique: Friday 2 May 2021.

Enrolment procedure for VOCAL DEVELOPMENT:

Vocal Development enrolment is on a first come, first served basis, for a maximum of 12 places for the class which will be taught online via Zoom.

For both Alice Hyde's classes, please contact the Membership Coordinator if you can't get a place because the class is full so the tutor knows there is demand for another class. Deadline for enrolment: Friday 18 September

------ HOW TO ENROL -----

New members: Please enrol online before term starts by first registering here on the Addison Singers website, then purchase a Class membershipclick on Checkout and choose a payment method.

Existing members: Please login with your email address and/or reset your password, purchase your membership and select your payment method. Please note that your membership is not valid until payment is received through the Addison Singers bank account.

After the term has started, please contact us to ask about enrolling.

Payment methods
You can pay by

  • bank transfer online (BACS) to CAF Bank Sort code 40-52-40, Account 00016259. Please put your last name, choir/class and term as the payee reference (eg SMITH OC VT SPR14). This is our preferred method of payment, it doesn't cost you or us anything.
  • cheque, please add your bank card number on the reverse of your cheque, made payable to The Addison Group of Singers.
  • credit/debit card. We are now able to offer a card payment option. A small fee is payable to cover the cost of the transaction. Please select Debit/Credit Card payment on the Checkout page and follow instructions. You will receive an email confirmation.

If a choir rehearsal has to be cancelled, for example, due to bad weather conditions, refunds will not be given, as we will try to arrange an alternative date. If a class has to be cancelled and cannot be rearranged, the fee will be refunded based on the number of cancelled sessions.

If a member does not take up a place or complete a term for any reason (other than the above) there is no entitlement to a refund. You can however opt to transfer your fee to the following term. If you wish to transfer to another choir or class you need to consult our Membership Coordinator, and any difference in the fee or subscription must be paid or be refunded. If you require a receipt for your postal enrolment, you will need to enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Gift Aid
If you are a taxpayer, current legislation allows us to reclaim basic rate income tax on your membership subscriptions (however not on CDs, class fees or tuition elements). When enrolling please read the Gift Aid declaration and tick the box if you are happy for us to do this. Remember to notify us if you no longer pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax equal to the tax we can reclaim on your donations.

Members website
Once you have enrolled in a choir or class, you will be eligible to access the Members' area on the AS website and added to the mailing list to receive e-mail information about choir activities, social and other events. An online resource only, you can access information sheets, publicity posters, the Newsletters, Committee Minutes, photos of concerts, additional trips and social events. This helps us reduce postal costs and speeds up communication about choir events. The Administrator will send you an email with an invitation to join and give you a pre-selected password that you can change to a more memorable version once you are logged in.

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