Frequently Asked Questions - Online enrolment

Q: I was a member of the Addison Singers Jazz Choir last Summer. I entered my email address to reset my password and enrol online, but it says my email address isn’t recognised…  Should I register again from scratch?

A: Yes, please register from scratch (click on Register, or Join Us), fill in your details and choose your membership.
Q: What about my friends who want to enrol. They haven't sung with Addison Singers before, how do they proceed?
A: They can access all the information on the new website, and click on Register, or Join Us, fill in their details and choose their membership.
Q: What's the difference between the new and the old website?
A: Whether you type in the old ( or the new website address (, you will be able to access Summer 2017 information and enrol online.
Q: My husband and I share the same email address, can we both enrol online using the same email?
A: No, the system requires a separate email address for each member. Please contact us if you need help creating an email address.
Q: I sing Soprano 2 in the Oratorio choir and Alto in the Jazz Choir. How do I specify the voice part for rehearsal CDs?
A: It's really important to let us know as we order CDs in advance. If you choose 2 rehearsal CDs and need 2 different voice parts, click on Checkout, then specify which voice parts you need in the Order Notes field.
Q: I have logged on with my email and password, and I have browsed the various choir pages, but now I can't get back to my account page to enrol. Do I need to log in again or change my password?
A: No, you don't need to log in again. Remember, to return to the Members section of the website, you just click on Members in the top menu bar.