Musicianship for Singers – Enrolment time!

The three musicianship groups (on Zoom) in the Autumn term concentrated on firming up on musical theory, doing some fun exercises and learning Verdi’s Va pensiero and Byrd’s Non nobis making sure the theory can be applied!   This was followed by Xmas carols. 
We are always aiming at improving sightsinging, and with this comes a better appreciation of the character of the music. Style and character will be very important for all groups this coming Spring term when we will be looking at Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, with a view to learning the choruses and some (or all?) of the solo parts!  An exciting long term project!

Any newcomers to the class should contact the Membership Coordinator who will put them in touch with Angela, to assess which group they should be in.

N.B.: Those who need more help with the basics should join the 6 pm Wednesday class

Here are the 3 Musicianship for Singers classes for Spring 2021 and their starting date (8 week course):

Tuesday class is at 11.00 am – first class on 12th January.

Wednesday class at 6.00pm – first class on 13th Jan

Thursday class at 5.00 pm – first class 14th Jan.

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