Innovations on zoom for Oratorio Choir this Spring

The Oratorio Choir this term has quite a few innovations bringing us closer to singing together – first step virtually.  We have rehearsed two classical pieces – Byrd’s Ave Verum Corpus and Brahms’ Geistliches Lied along with something very contemporary, fun & funky- Ayres (arr.) ‘Every Tube Station’ referencing every tube station on the London Underground! 

Another innovation has been singing in voice parts by setting up sectionals in Zoom led by David and Matthew each leading a room.

Finally, so we can feel like we are singing with a choir, we now have sung rehearsal tracks mixed from a choral performance and a soloist singing one of the four voice parts – just like singing next to your favourite strong singer, leaning on their experience and good pitching!  Particular thanks to our own Paul Elliot for singing the Bass rehearsal part, Ian Wilkinson Tenor, with Victoria Mulley Soprano, and Shana Moron-Caravel Alto both from Trinity Laban College London and both bursary students of the Oratorio Choir.

These add to the valuable resources Matthew has produced for all voice parts.

Not quite singing together… but getting closer to our planned live rehearsals and concert as and when we will be allowed to sing together.


  • Sectional rehearsal went very well
  • Group sizes felt right and nice to be mixed with voice parts that don’t usually go together and a way to get to know other people.
  • Mistake to try to read score from my iPad.  Got lost scrolling down.
  • Rooms: ‘Great’ ‘Brilliant’
  • Advantage of muting is being able to practice your part while other part rehearsing.
  • Grateful for all the technical help that Jan and Frederique have given.  Concerned at being a burden.

“I love being back and this feels as close to ’normal’ as we can get at the moment. Also love the split rehearsals and very grateful to Matthew for recording the tracks. I find the 4 voice-part particularly useful, as I love to hear the whole sound together.”

“Jan (and Brian) are doing a fantastic job keeping it running, as well as David and Matthew at rehearsals. Also really, really like that David takes a bit more time explaining the pieces on many levels. Especially liked the explanations on the Brahms today.”

“I really enjoyed last Wednesday’s Oratorio Rehearsal, being split into rooms, and actually doing some singing and working at some music. I thought it worked really really well and many thanks to Jan for all his technical expertise.”

“Now Matthew has produced some tracks for us to practice with.  I for one am really grateful as I don’t sight read as well as some and my ear is not good enough to pick out the Alto line from two of the three recordings.”

“I miss having David waving at me to pick up the cues and to give the timing but Matthew’s track enables me make notes on the counting I need to do.  Don’t tell anyone but being able to practice at home made me feel quite emotional.  It was wonderful to be actively involved and not get lost and overwhelmed by a huge score.”

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