Spring 2022 Covid Risk Assessment and Declaration

Risk Assessment

The Addison Singers have prepared a Covid Risk Assessment to keep us singing this Spring 2022. You can access it in the Members section, click on Spring 2022 Covid Guidelines. The Membership Coordinator can send you the document via email, you can contact her at addisonadmin@gmail.com. Do look at it and if you have any questions/thoughts contact our Chair, Fran O’Brien chairaddison@gmail.com


All our members who enrol online for Spring 2022 will have read and agreed with our Guidelines before their first rehearsal or class. For reference, these are available to read again in the Members section. There is no need to download or print and sign a Covid declaration unless you have not enrolled online, in which case you would have to fill it in in person when you attend your first class/rehearsal. (N.B.: You would only have to do it once even if you have signed up for multiple choirs/classes.