Auditions are necessary for entry to the two smaller Addison Singers groups, the Jazz Ensemble and the Chamber Choir, in order to achieve a good blend and balance of voices, and to ensure that singers have the musicianship and sight-reading skills to be able to perform the chosen repertoire to a high standard.

Auditions for the Chamber Choir and Jazz Ensemble are usually held at the beginning of each term. Successful applicants are asked to commit themselves for a minimum of a term to include the concert or ideally for longer and to participate in at least 80% of the rehearsals.

When to apply  To apply to audition for the Chamber Choir or Jazz Ensemble, please fill in the online form. Auditions are held at the beginning of each term. The exact date for the start of each term will be given on our choir details pages.

Format of audition  Your audition will be with the Music Director/Jazz Ensemble Conductor with an accompanist and should take no more than about 10 minutes and will include: - a few vocal exercises - some sight reading - performance of a piece you have prepared. Please bring a copy for the accompanist.

How to apply  If you would like to have an audition, please fill in the online form or if you have any queries, contact our Membership Coordinator, by email or via the contact form or phone 07531 447960. She will be able to help with further information and arrange a time for you to attend an audition prior to rehearsals starting.